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Part 2

People 人物篇

1.Describe two people from the same family (描述来自同一个家庭的两个人)


2.Describe an experience you spend time with a child  ( what did you do,when did you do,how do you feel)

Part3:how to teachchildren? Is sweet a god thing to reward them?

3.Describe aninteresting neighbor (描述一个有趣的邻居)


4.Describe a historical figure ( 描述一个历史人物)


4.Describe a polite person (描述一个有礼貌的人,who is he,how well you know about him,why you think he is polite )


5.Describe a famous person (描述一个名人)


6.Describe animportant family member who has great influence to you( made you proud of)  (描述家庭成员里对你影响大的重要的一位(who,对你做了什么事影响大,这件事在哪里发生)


7.Describe a happy couple /a couple that are married (描述一对恩爱的夫妻who are they,how long their marriages,why you think they are happy )


The best age to marry?Do you think Chinese wedding is waste a lot of money? why?why use a lot of money for the wedding?why just don't save it to do other thing?Should 男女在婚姻中要有各自的任务么?

8.Describe a person who helped you in study or life (who,why you think study is easy )/A helpful people in work/study


9.Describe a person you want to know more about (描述你想知道知道更多的人)


10.Describe a clever person to solving the problem (who,when,where,why do you think he/she is clever)

Part3:你认为现在有很多小孩子有很多好习惯么?你认为小孩子是先天聪明还是后期培养的?你认为在某一方面很聪明但在另外一方面努力学习会有效果么?Born to clever or not?Need to learn to be clever?

Objects 物品篇

1.Describe one of your favorite clothing. 描述你最喜欢的衣服(what it looks like,how did you get it,do you often dress it,explain the reason why it is your favorite clothing)

Part3:Do all people enjoys shopping for clothes?Why some people like shopping with friends?why people like shopping for clothes online? what risks would take when shopping online?what special clothes do Chinese wear on official or formal occasions?

2.Describe a statue or painting you saw (描述一个你见到的一个雕塑或画,什么样子,在哪见到的)


3.Describe a book like reading (描述你最喜欢读的书)


4.Describe a foreignfood you ate before (描述一种你吃过的外国食品) (是什么,什么时候吃,在哪里吃,为什么要吃它)


5.Describe an important equipment in your house (描述你家中的一个重要的设备)

Part3:what are the importantmachines in your house and why?Does everyone own this machine in your country?what machines do you expect in the future?Why?

6.Describe a vegetable or plant you like best in China ( 描述在中国你最喜欢的植物) ( 什么样子,在哪生长,你喜欢还是不喜欢它?)


7. Describe a gift ( free meal or gift or sth. Else) (描述免费的礼物,一餐,一个礼物或别的)

Part3:是否大家都喜欢免费的东西?有什么免费的public equipment,transportation important?政府应该提供免费的东西么?

8.Describe an occasion that you have a cake that is special  (描述你吃过的cake一个场合)  what kind of cake,why when,with whom )

Part3:special food in China in special festival?Are the food now good than in the past?is it important to communicate with families? cook at home?when eat special food?have meal with family?

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